An immersion into the practices of Meditation and Mindfulness

The course “Mindfulness and Meditation Practice”  will be offered beginning April 5 2017.  This class will meet 2 alternate Wednesday Evenings per Month, 6:30-8:30 PM, continuing through  July 2017  Location: centerville, ma.  In addition there is an optional sunday afternoon retreat July . (for students who want to continue with Mindfulness and meditation Teacher training, next section will be offered Sept. 2017.

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Meditation is generally practiced in a quiet environment and in a comfortable position. The mind isn’t forced into strict focus or becoming empty, simply paying attention to the focus of your meditation opens the gate to the experience.  As well as indoor sitting meditation, we will also explore walking and sitting meditations outdoors on nice evenings.  We will explore mindfulness, beach walk meditation, garden meditation, kindness meditation, mindful movement , mindful eating, mindful body scan,   and others.

In this program you will:

  • Learn mindfulness
  • Practice proper posture, practical breathing to ease stress and anxiety so that you can meditate.
  • Understand what mindfulness is and be able to practice on your own
  • Be guided in the practice of various meditations
  • Move beyond the 5 distractions and obstacles to meditation
  • Use the process of meditative journaling to reflect on insights
  • Learn the skills necessary to begin a lifelong mindfulness and meditation practice

We have been offering our Mindfulness and Meditation training for over 15 years on Cape Cod and in New England area – from teaching in the Falmouth Hospital, Centerville Yoga and other studios, to teaching at large organizations, and local businesses. The benefits of a regular meditation practice are many, and are being researched with findings of medical and psychological benefits – from lowering blood pressure, reducing stress to experiencing more feelings of stability and happiness.

Learn how to direct your energy, mental attitudes, and actions to live in balance with yourself and the world around you. Learn effective skills to help you relax, center, and be calm. Experience useful and practical tools for creating and deepening your meditation practice.

Dates: April 5, 19, May 3, 17, 31, June 14, 28, July 12, July Sunday retreat 16, 2017 1-5pm  $450.

Meditation and mindfulness Teacher Training will continue September 13, 2017, same schedule alternate wednesdays – completing in January 2018.  Prerequisite – April – July 2017 training.

During our last session, we took a field trip to the beautiful Labyrinth in Chatham, MA

Classes will be held in Centerville, Required reading. Please contact Diane for more information via email click here  Please note “meditation” in info line.