Kristin Terkelsen, DPT, is the owner and Clinic Director of Physical Therapy Solutions.

She graduated from MGH Institute of Health Professions in 2000 with her MSPT and continued on to get her Doctorate in Physical Therapy soon after graduating from PT school. She has always had an ongoing interest in learning techniques and treatment strategies to help her patients improve.

Her interest in yoga started when her aunt introduced yoga to her more than 7 years ago. After establishing her business, she began using “yoga-like” postures with her patients and recognized the powerful response that these postures gave her patients for improving range of motion, flexibility and strength. This led her to seek out the 200 RYT certification program through Kind Yoga School in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of yoga.

She completed her 200 hour teacher training with Kind Yoga School in June 2012 and is now a certified yoga teacher. Although she is not currently teaching formal classes, she uses yoga with almost every patient. This blending of her passion for teaching people to help themselves with the practice of yoga is a likely and effective combination for her patients.

She is available to those in the yoga community who may have an injury that is affecting their yoga practice or preventing them from practicing altogether. Her extensive education in movement helps her modify and tweak each posture to allow you to return to your practice without pain and discomfort. She uses her program of “Yoga on the Good Side” to teach you how to unlock your body in ways that you may not have been able to before, allowing you to return to yoga and make your practice more powerful.

She can be reached by email at, in her clinic, Physical Therapy Solutions at 508-775-9200, located at 1663 Falmouth Rd, Centerville, next to the Centerville Pie Company, or at