Star Pose


Julie Fraser, passionate and compassionate yogi, advisor, psychic and intuitive, graduate of  Kind Yoga School Yoga Teacher Training, and KY Meditation Teacher training.
Julie teaches yoga classes, and meditation classes in Barnstable and surrounding Area.
Yoga  –  Energize from within

Benefits you can expect from this yoga practice:

  • Stretch out and detox to feel more alive and energetic
  • Relax, de-stress and gain body-mind-spirit balance
  • Lower your need for external stimulation in food, shopping, TV
  • Generate compassion for yourself & others

Everyone is welcome – No need to be fit, flexible, or have prior yoga experience.
You will be meditating, stretching, moving the spine and working with your breath.
Do not expect to sweat or hurt!  You can skip any poses or practices without guilt.

Contact: Julie Fraser 508-737-2128 (cell); 508-362-3480 (office);