A Breath of Fresh Air

Yoga that brings the outside in!

Welcome to the exciting new program that brings nature to you in your home! This program is great for people in nursing facilities, senior housing, hospitals, hospice programs, and more! If you or someone you love enjoyed the great outdoors but can no longer access it, make an appointment today!

What happens? -You make an appointment for you or a loved one by calling Heidi at (508)274-7748, or emailing her at abundanceofpeace@comcast.net. You and Heidi chat about what type of session you would like,
(choose from “A day at the Beach“, “A walk in the Woods“, “In the garden“, or “For the Love of Horses“) and Heidi emails you an intake form and waiver. You fill out the form and send it back to Heidi, who will then customize a session just for you or your loved one!

Then what happens?- Then, Heidi meets with you or the person for whom you’ve purchased a session. Armed with an understanding of your likes and dislikes, abilities and challenges, Heidi will come prepared to exercise the senses and bring back the experience of being in nature through music, movement, scents, and real items from nature. You will have the opportunity to ground yourself by placing your feet in real beach sand, pine needles, soil, hay or grass. Heidi will bring everything that is needed for the session.

What is the cost?-Sessions are $50.00 each, payable at the time of scheduling/intake

What are others saying about “A Breath of Fresh Air”? Here are some testimonials from folks who have seen sessions in action:
“You exude love.”- Johanna

“It was one of the most positive, transforming experiences given to an elderly person. Heidi worked with my mother, and the session brought her right there. She really connected with my mom. It seemed very healing, with huge spiritual and physical benefits.”- Jane

“You have such a calming, soothing, gentle way.” -Tracy

“Incredible. So compassionate and caring. So important to connect those that are shut in with the outside world and the benefits of experiencing the outdoors.”- Chuck

~Owner ~Teacher~ Reiki Master~
see her website here for much more information, class times and blog
Heidi began her wellness journey when she had her first Reiki treatment. Not only did she feel physically better, (the goal of the treatment), she felt a sense of wholeness that she hadn’t realized she had been longing for. She quickly ascertained that Reiki was a modality that she wanted to be more familiar with. She went on to take Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and Reiki master level certification classes. Heidi currently enjoys and shares the gifts of Reiki, meditation and beginners yoga.
As abundance of peace grows, Heidi looks forward to working with other teachers and wellness professionals.