Cape Cod Yoga Association  (CCYA) is an organization founded by a group of yoga teachers with a shared vision of creating community – among yoga teachers and practitioners across Cape Cod WITH THE PRINCIPLE GOAL OF CELEBRATING YOGA IN ALL ITS FORMS AND EXPRESSIONS.
The association generates networking and learning opportunities for people interested in individual and social wellbeing. CCYA serves as a responsible and responsive resource for education, information and entrepreneurial enterprise.

We believe that persons, communities and the environment can be transformed positively by applying yogic principles such as:
and service

Whenever possible, the organization advocates for positive resolution of local-to-global environmental challenges, by employing these principles in any advocacy effort, working for – among many mindful and compassionate strategies – a sustainable relationship with the natural environment for generations to come.

On Cape Cod, CCYA strives to make a difference in the quality of life by sharing yoga-teaching skills and the many benefits of yoga practice with people of all ages and capabilities.

The CCYA also is designed to serve as an educational organization dedicated to continuing and improving the quality of yoga taught on Cape Cod, through teaching and living by yogic principles. As part of that process of providing caring and respect for our own community, we also safeguard a larger vision: to create a ripple effect that transforms the world as we experience it.

Goals for CCYA:
– To offer networking and communication among yoga teachers and practitioners, so that the quality of instruction on Cape Cod will be enhanced and teachers supported in their work.
– To serve as an informational resource about the many forms of yoga practice; and
– To serve as a community-building organization, inclusive of the many diverse populations of Cape Cod and the Islands.

Our meetings are dialogues to get to know our fellow yogis in this community – creating community takes time and relationship. We are not here to fill immediate needs such as promoting someones business or studio, or selling any products. (we are not against it, just not making it top priority). We hold respecting the diversity of teachers and yoga practitioners as a sacred practice. Our guiding principles come from Patanjalis sutras. CCYA is a not for profit organization.
Our founders, Diane Kovanda, Jack Adams, Alexandria Tyber consider guidance and input from members.